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Common Names:
Wormseed, Mexican Tea, Jesuit's Tea, American Wormseed.

Parts Used:
Leaves and seeds.

Historical Uses:
The use of Wormseed as a vermifuge in traditional medicine is well-known and it is considered one of the best expellent of lumbricoids (round worms).1 It has also been used in the treatment of deafness due to brain disorder as well as ringing in the ears. Asthma, pressure in the uterus, convulsions, epilepsy, pain on the side of the head, loss of control on one side of the body (stroke), paralysis and pain in the shoulder blade, all fall within the realm of Wormseed's determined correction. One of the most curious properties of Wormseed is to conquer the condition of aphasia (loss of verbal comprehension or speech capacity following a cerebral injury).2


Adverse reactions:

20 to 40 drops three times per day and apply externally as needed.

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